Wivenhoe 18


A modern design cruising canoe designed for tripping on open water and eating up the kilometres. With straight stems, fine entry and shallow arch bottom, this canoe is designed to move fast whilst still providing a stable platform and bigger carrying capacity than its smaller brother the Somerset.


Length: 5.5m, Beam: 85cm, Weight: 38-40kg, Capacity: 400kg

Price – $2250 standard layup, $2600 lightweight layup (30kg)


4 Comments on “Wivenhoe 18

  1. 12 December 2019, A Wivenhoe class, 5.5 meter/18 foot, Big Red Canoe, Wonder and Curiosity – is now part of our family here at Mount Mellum on the Sunshine Coast. A magnificent build that is inspiring, wonderful and “ready for adventure”. Thank you to the crew at the One Tree Canoe Company.

  2. Do you guys build in plastic or just fibreglass? I’m looking for a white water (mostly grade 2, but occasional grade 3 rapids) touring option. Also what freight to Cairns? Thanks

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