“All who wander are not lost…”

The Wanderer is a classic TK1 style recreational kayak.  It has a hull which manages to achieve the twin goals of stability whilst offering speed and tracking at the same time.  A magnificent kayak to paddle, it handles rivers, lakes and over enclosed waterways with consummate ease.


Length: 4.5m, Beam: 60cm, Capacity: 125kg, Seating 1 only

Weight: 16kg


Wanderer 1

5 Comments on “Wanderer

  1. Hi,
    I’m interested in the Wanderer TK1. Just wondering how stable it is and if it would be stable enough to fish from?

    • Hi Nigel
      They are quite stable and should be fine to fish from. As with anything it’s relative and depends a lot on the size of the paddler. The wanderer is best suited to people 100kg or less. Paddlers around the 85 to 90 kg mark find it a stable and responsive kayak
      Hope this helps

      • Thanks for the info.
        I’m 72kg and looking for a boat primarily for fitness, but also with the option to cast to the odd Bass.
        I’m probably getting bit ahead of myself – I’ve only done a little bit of paddling in the past mostly on Sit -On-Tops which never really inspired me to take up the sport, they just feel too slow. This looks like such a beautiful boat, but I should really just get a 2nd hand TK1 and see if I want to get into the sport more seriously.
        Do you hire these out?

  2. Looking for a sturdy reliable “ light weight “ canoe/ kayak to paddle in Sydney harbour/ parramatta river

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