Sprite 11

A 11.5 foot canoe made in the style of the popular pack boats in America, it has curved ends and plenty of tumble-home to ensure it paddles easily solo.

This canoe is designed to be paddled as a solo boat with either a canoe or kayak paddle.  It is stable, lightweight and very manoeuvrable and would make a great canoe for fishing from or just exploring inland rivers and lakes.

We designed this canoe specifically for people looking for a lighter alternative to sit on top kayaks.


Length: 3.5m, Beam: 80cm, Capacity: 200kg, Seating 1 only

Weight: 20kg standard layup, 16kg lightweight layup



10 Comments on “Sprite 11

  1. 11ft 6in sprite looks fantistic, should convert into a great fishing outfit. I like it, for one.

  2. Hi – what materias are used in the standard and lightweight boats?

    I’m in sydnet and we have to deal with shorelines that may just be sandstone platforms, wonder how the hull may hold up to that?


    • Hi Mathew, both laminates use fibreglass with polyester resin for the standard and vinylester resin for lightweight. We use our boats on the mid Brisbane river and regularly slide over submerged objects and down gravelly races. They stand up very well to that and I would think to your conditions as well

  3. can you do an all kevlar layup to match the Wenonah Wee Lassie

  4. I am interested in using one for hunting and fishing is a camouflage pattern available?

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