Scout 15


A 15 foot canoe with more modern lines including a fuller cross section at the bow and stern and straight rather than curved stems.

This canoe is available with 2 or 3 seats and is ideal for school or scout groups.  It can easily tolerate 2 adult paddlers with gear or up to 4 children.  These canoes operate in our hire fleet and we have found them to be predictable and stable boats capable of handling a variety of conditions.


Length: 4.6m, Beam: 86cm, Capacity: 300kg, Seating 1-3

Weight: 32kg standard, 25kg lightweight



5 Comments on “Scout 15

  1. Hi, I live in Cooma NSW. I’m interested in your Scout 15.
    Do you have dealers in NSW and/or what sort of freight cost would I need to consider ex Brisbane?

    • Hi Pete
      No I don’t have anyone holding stock in NSW. We use a company called the kayak courier to deliver our boats and it’s about $250 to central NSW

  2. Hi, I am interested in your lightweight Scout 15.
    I live in Warwick, QLD.
    How do I go about ordering one of these?



  3. Hi I live in smith’s Lake nsw would like to know the price on a scout 15 and price to ship it to smith’s Lake thanks

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