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Yellowpatch: Curtis Island’s best kept secret

When people think of Curtis Island these days, its often in association with the new coal seam gas plants that have been erected there.  And whilst the trio of plants certainly dominate the view of the island from Gladstone Harbour, it is by no… Continue Reading “Yellowpatch: Curtis Island’s best kept secret”

Colour chart for canoes

Trojan Composites Colour Chart – click on colour groups to see all options Polyester Pigments

Fishing From Canoes

Without a doubt kayak fishing has become one of Australia’s rapid growth activities.  More and more amateur anglers are hitting the water in an array of craft from cheap plastic sit-on kayaks to top end composite offshore fishing kayaks, fishing in waters from narrow… Continue Reading “Fishing From Canoes”

Canoe Sailing on Somerset’s Dams

It’s no secret to anyone who has known me for more than 30 seconds that I’m a huge fan of canoes.  The primary reason for this is their incredible versatility; their ability for one simple craft to be able to fulfil so many perform… Continue Reading “Canoe Sailing on Somerset’s Dams”