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We have been told by many a customer how much they love our logo, so we’ve decided to add a range of “merch” to our offerings. Starting with bucket hats and stickers, we also hope to be introducing a range of retro t-shirts soon… Continue Reading “Merchandise”

What is a Pack Canoe and why do I need one in my life?

Originally developed for the Adirondack region of North America, the Pack Canoe or Pack Boat is traditionally a small, light weight open top paddle craft designed to be manoeuvrable and easy to carry.  The original concept was for a boat that you could literally… Continue Reading “What is a Pack Canoe and why do I need one in my life?”

They call me the Wanderer…

“All that wander are not lost…” That would most certainly be the case if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the seat of our new entrant to the range – The Wanderer recreational kayak. That’s right, a kayak! We caved in to… Continue Reading “They call me the Wanderer…”