We supply and fit a number of accessories for our canoes including

Sail Kits: complete with boom, spar & mast, sail, fittings and lines – $500

Canoe Lug Sail Kit

One Lug Sail Kit to suit One Tree Canoes (others on request)



Outriggers: complete with float, poles and clamps – $350

Canoe Outrigger Kit

Outrigger kit to suit canoes with thwarts at 800mm or 1200mm centres complete with float, poles and clamps to suit 32mm OD thwart



Timber Canoe Paddles: $180

Timber Canoe Paddles

Timber canoe paddles size to order



Timber Canoe Seats: Front/Middle and Rear

Large Timber Canoe seat

Size to order – typically for front / middle seats


Small Timber Canoe Seat

Suits rear – size to order


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