They call me the Wanderer…

“All that wander are not lost…”

That would most certainly be the case if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the seat of our new entrant to the range – The Wanderer recreational kayak.

That’s right, a kayak!

We caved in to peer pressure and added a kayak to our range, but not just any kayak, this boat is an absolute gem.  It has a hull that has find the fine line between stability and efficiency on the water.  It’s confidence inspiring for the new paddler and a delight to paddle for the old hands.  A little bit of a marvel!

At 15 foot long it is long enough to eat up the miles on a day on the water, and still short enough to tuck into those sneaky side creeks along the way.  The cockpit is open and roomy and still affords a bit of sun protection on those hot summer days.

A great kayak for rivers and lakes, it will handle most any enclosed waterway with aplomb. In short, a pretty great option for a day out on the water!

Give Dan a call if you you’d like to find out more or check it out for yourself.


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